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SUPER EASY GENTLE YOGA - This is a mellow class for everyone, and very accommodating to newbies!  "Gentle" refers to the physical positions, which are mild so as to avoid strain.


FLOW STYLE - Variations on sun salutations. A moving yoga class with weight-bearing postures. Moderately vigorous. Instructions given during physical participation.


EASYGOING FLOW - Mild pace and plenty of explanations for newbies. Lots of stretching.


VINYASA ROCK CLASSICS - A flow style class done to classic rock of very good taste and choice. The class begins with self-paced Surya Namaskar A & B, and sequences are taught in both silence and music. This is a moving practice and is intended to be vigorous. Fit, uninjured participants of all ages and levels are welcomed!


YIN YOGA FOR RELAXATION - Long quiet stretches in dim candle lighting, this class offer aromatherapy and self-healing techniques. All positions are seated and reclining.


QUIET HATHA HOUR LEVEL 1 & 2 - A Series of hatha yoga poses experienced in a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.


ZAZEN MEDITATION - This is an opportunity to expand your practice to include sitting regularly with a group or as an introduction to zazen. The zazen (seated meditation) will be for 30 minutes, starting at 6:10am, every Thursday. If you are new to zazen please arrive 5 minutes early for an introduction.


Participation in all classes is by teacher & owner Zan Ferris' approval only. The ability to hear and follow directions is pre-requisite, and all levels of fitness can flourish with such cooperation. Disclosure of injuries, permanent disabilities and neuromuscular illnesses is advised to assure our work is continous.


Class Descriptions