Hello Yogis!


There are certain guidelines of behaviour that are standard in all yoga studios, just about everywhere. There is, or at least should be, an austerity to the practice of yoga. This means that the state of clarity is achieved by our collective maintenance of the atmosphere that we practice in. Adhering to these standards helps to reinforce the larger message of yoga: We are sharing the atmosphere. We are sharing the yoga room with others. We are sharing the Earth with others. And larger and larger...


That which accomodates, comforts, and pleases one person might not be pleasing to others, or conducive to a shared experience.


We seek common ground for growth by observing the following:


1) No perfumes or strongly scented body products allowed.

2) All signing in (business transactions) are to take place before class start time.

3) There are no late arrivals allowed at ZanZilla.

4) Participation in any class is with instructor's approval only.


Hang in there yogis!


You see, part of yoga is the creation of a special situation that transcends the programming of our culture. Yoga is to be corrective in many ways. Even though the most obvious correctivity is in the physical therapy sense, this concept of corrective action should permeate other areas.


At ZanZilla, the relationship between spirits and souls is intended to be one that transcends mere commerce. Just as a Student is very different from a Customer or PATRON, by the same token, being a Customer-Pleaser-Patronizee is very different from being a Teacher. Integrity is not for sale at ZanZilla. Here's an example: If a class is not appropriate or safe for you, you will not be allowed to take it. If you are clearly not ready for a particular pose, you will not be allowed to risk injuring yourself. Plain and simple. You might hear the word "no". "No" isn't necessarily a bad thing! It is comforting when someone cares for your wellbeing and is watching out for your safety.


Yoga is a very personal experience. When you choose to practice with others and with a teacher, you are given a glimpse into how you relate. Relationship, relate.....As you would in any healthy relationship, be free to state what your needs are. You are open to hearing my needs, since you are reading this right now! Pave the way for a good experience by sharing your needs or physical situations. Whatever it is, from hearing impairment or emotional circumstances to more unique needs, do tell! And do so beforehand. Once it is determined that your needs can be accomodated and you and ZanZilla are right for each other, we're going to have a great time!  


As a studio owner and teacher, I am dedicated to our growth as we venture together beyond our default places of complacent comfort. The idea, you see, is to awaken.



Are you fond of your alarm clock in the morning?


Gritty Peace and Texturous Love,

Zan Ferris ~ owner ZanZilla Yoga For Splendid Creatures

Aw?? Rules? Yes, rules.