When you purchase a series at a committment rate, you are agreeing to qualify for a discounted class rate by attending the classes by a certain date. If that date arrives and you haven't used all of your classes yet, those classes are retrievable. Here is how:


WITH THE PURCHASE OF A NEW SERIES, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO RETRIEVE THE MISSED CLASSES FROM THE MOST RECENTLY EXPIRED SERIES. Even if you've been away for a long time, you can still retrieve your most recent missed classes.


Here's how:


Purchase your next series  AND  Pay $4 for each class you are retrieving. (payable all at once, no exceptions)


Example: You had a series of 12 classes for $100 and you only used 7 of them. You would have had 5 more classes.Your 60 day commitment date has arrived and your series is expired.  Did you enjoy throwing away $? Most likely not.


So instead: If you then purchase another series, and add to that balance $20 ( $4 x 5 ) you then have all the retrieved classes and the new series classes to be used in 90 days.


You didn't lose $40, even though you paid another $20. It is your choice, pay $20 or lose $40




You must purchase your series + $4 for the retrieved classes, all at once. The desk yogi at ZanZilla will do the math for you.


This is another of ZanZilla's win/win arrangements.


Comprehension of this system is its only pre-requisite! If you don't understand, then don't retrieve your classes. Make a note of your series expiration date so that all classes are taken, and leave it at that.  THE POLICY WILL NOT BE CHANGED OF YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE "CONFUSED", OR "DON'T UNDERSTAND". Keep in mind this is a generous good deal for you.


Note: Series are not put on hold for vacations, etc.


Note #2: Classes attended are kept track of at ZanZilla, at the desk, by the desk yogi that checks you in as you arrive. Please do not bring your organizer in and ask that we go by YOUR counts.

Retrievable Classes